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An exciting book about Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein -- A Book Review


Mary Shelley





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THE DETERMINED HEART: The Tale of Mary Shelley and Her Frankenstein – by Antoinette May. Published by Lake Union Publishing. Page: 447. Historical, Biographical, Literary, Published September 29, 2015.
I received a copy to read through the Netgalley program in exchange for an honest and unbiased review which I am happy to share now.
Other books by this author:
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      I would give this book Five Stars for its excellent blend of fact and fiction. This book tells the story of Mary Shelley most famous as the author of Frankenstein. In this new book just out, Mary Godwin’s life had many upheavals, but one of the most telling was a move from her home in a small suburb to the city of London.
Mary’s life was definitely daring and scary even before her efforts to write Frankenstein. The author describes one such incident in a boat: “Mary, Bysshe, and Claire huddled together in the center, hoping their combined weight would maintain balance . . .”
      The publisher’s description states The Determined Heart reveals the life of Mary Shelley in a story of love and obsession, betrayal and redemption.
It describes her early beginnings and the people who most inspired her in life. She was born the daughter of political philosopher William Godwin and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, “Mary Shelley had an unconventional childhood populated with the most talented and eccentric personalities of the time. After losing her mother at an early age, she finds herself in constant conflict with a resentful stepmother and a jealous stepsister. When she meets the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, she falls deeply in love and they elope with disastrous consequences. Soon she finds herself destitute and embroiled in a torturous love triangle as Percy takes Mary’s stepsister as a lover. Over the next several years, Mary struggles to write while she and Percy face ostracism, constant debt, and the heartbreaking deaths of three children. Ultimately, she achieves great acclaim for Frankenstein, but at what cost?”

Antoinette May is an award-winning travel writer specializing in Mexico; May divides her time between Palo Alto and the Sierra foothills.

early version of  Frankenstein

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Celebrating Two Years of Writing The Vampire Diaries Books in Kindle Worlds


I am celebrating 

I saw my first book for The Vampire Diaries Kindle Worlds published in October of 2013, two years ago .  and still Best Seller this year in this month! This was THE LOST DIARY.
I have written several since then including this one below:

Thanks to The Vampire Dairies and Kindle Worlds

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This is just an enjoyable book and I really liked it

This Book Review is posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer,   date to be set, 2015

THE SCAM A Fox and O’Hare Novel – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg – Random House publishing Group, Ballantine, Bantam Mystery and Thrillers. Publishing date: September 15, 2015.

I am a blogger and reviewer. I was privileged to read this book as a professional reviewer on Net Galley. I received a copy to read through the Net galley program in exchange for an honest and unbiased review which I am happy to share now.

I would give this book Five Stars because I consider it high impact entertainment from beginning to end.

Because I wanted to share my interest in this book with my friends, I am posting a review on several of my blog sites

Kate O’Hare is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and in her profession until she is drawn into a complicated venture with a man she doesn’t trust. She is an FBI agent, and he is a man who is possibly a genius at going the other way and getting others to run after him. She begins to do this, and their escapades are nothing short of delightful.
Kate is drawn into a rocky relationship which is complex and interesting throughout.
Kate considers her own thoughts of Nick at one point: “Kate squelched a grimace. It was nice to know he cared enough to risk his own safety, but it was frightening to think of Nick bumbling through the forest. Especially since her dad probably had it bobby-trapped.”

 This book is described as the fourth book in the fast-paced, action-packed Fox and O’Hare series from Janet Evanovich No. 1 bestselling author of the blockbuster Stephanie Plum novels, and Lee Goldberg, bestselling author of the Monk series. 

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This is a Serious Book and Worth Reading Many Times: a Book Review



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BLACK EARTH – Historical, nonfiction by Timothy Snyder.
I would like to say of this book:
Thoroughly Documented
A Workable Time-Piece to connect to for that period of War
In this book the evolution of Adolph Hitler’s plan came together in the war fares scattered across much of the world. It was after all; in Hitler’s opinion part of a final solution of determining what he had said was the natural animal fight for supremacy and dominance in their species. For Hitler, as explained in this sweeping text of that era and that war, this is described clearly and in details which grasp the reader with their very magnitude. 
     In this book, the author quotes Hitler’s reason to want to invade the Ukraine as he wanted their very fertile land and that of their neighbors, the Russians, Belarusias and the Poles. He goes on to say, Hitler saw this as a quite simple logic and plan so that his own people would see that “no one is able to starve us again!”
It tells of Hitler leaving prison in 1924 and the author describes him as “a much cannier politician then years after his failed putscht. The book goes on towards the Year 1934 when Hitler’s title became “Fuhrer” and even “Reich Chancellor.”
Hitler began developing “a Nazi Party created upon the assumption of endless racial conflict with the traditional state asserting the right to control and limit violence.”
With his vision clearly forming into reality before his very eyes, Hitler established the first concentration camp that at Dachau in 1933, “as a place where his National Socialist Party could punish people.”
Over and over to carry the reader forward dramatically in exploring these complex issues, a further visual aid is a series of maps.  These surely unique maps lead the reader into an understanding of the historical piece of literature with a smooth entwined blending of word imagery and visual map display.
I would give this book Five Stars for more reasons than one, but it is a very good read and well thought out one.
Publication date is September 8, 2015 by Crown Publishing, of Tim Duggan Books, in the History, Nonfiction adult category. 

This book is very easy reading of an intriguing, but difficult subject with such depth of thought that it can be at times dazzling to see it captured so vividly. I also found the research and resources placed at the end of the book informative also, with its arrangement though detailed, nonetheless, furnished in an easy to follow manner. The work which is involved in this monumental task is awe-inspiring also.

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THIS IS A BOOK REVIEW: Of the book titled: JADE DRAGON MOUNTAIN by Elsa Hart, 266 pages. Publisher is St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur Books of New York.


I received a copy to read through the Netgalley program in exchange for an honest and unbiased review which I am happy to share now.
 I would give this Five Stars as a well told story, interesting, and the author clearly knows her subject.
Publication date of this book is September 1, 2015.
It is in the genre of History, Literature and Fiction, adult.
This Book Review is posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer,   date to be set, 2015

This book starts with a piece of a letter written by a bookseller to his nephew who is part of a sailing ship crew. In this way, the story begins an intriguing tale which leads to a mystery and a murder during a time when people are gathering to be a part of festivities for the Emperor of China.
The author describes this point in time in the 1700s in many eloquent ways including in this passage, “The great connoisseurs of tea could take a sip and follow in their minds the entire journey of the leaves, a mapped trajectory of taste and fragrance.”
This book’s main character, Li Du, is a man who has become a wonderer by circumstances and because he is forced to become a refugee. He stops along the way to see a relative and finds signs that The Emperor of China is expected to this quaint community of Dayan. The man wants to immediately leave, but is detained by his relative needing his temporary help.  
The events the man becomes entangled in are set against a beautiful backdrop of the place which the author describes so well and the people who inhabit this rich and beautiful country. At one point one of the characters of the book explains his reason to enjoy travelling as: “The quarrels of emperors and kings do not reach the caravans.”
The man, Li Du, is drawn into deep conversations and finds himself more involved than he ever wanted to be there, but he is trying to rush forward and leave the intrigue and danger he finds in the town as it awaits the Emperor’s state visit.
 The book, Jade Dragon Mountain, holds more than one beautifully told story within it. The scholar travels far away from the place he had once lived and worked as a librarian in a priceless library of books. His journey is becoming entwined with a mysterious Jesuit Missionary and another guest at the Emperor’s official guest house.
Talks over the famous tea of the period continue and the stories of captivating memories are shared. As one traveler states, “The East India Company is the real Western Power now in this part of the world – everyone knows it – everyone outside of China, that is.”
In a description of the book, the story is about a Chinese librarian, Li Du, whose travels bring him to the town of Dayan, the last Chinese town before the border with Tibet. He finds himself unexpectedly part of a large group of travelers, soldiers and merchants, all of them expectant to see within just a few days an eclipse of the sun. Although Li Du wants to continue his journey over the Jade Dragon Mountain and out of China, he is pulled back by the murder of an astronomer and his own desire for truth.

     About the Author: Elsa Hart was born in Rome, Italy and lived in Moscow until 1991 with her family. She has lived in the Czech Republic, the United States, and in China.

     She wrote this, her first novel, in Lijiang, the city that has grown up around the old town of Dayan.

She earned a B.A. from Swarthmore College and a J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.