Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why I write the Lost Flyboy Series

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Why I wrote the first book of my Lost Flyboy Series now

    I had an old journalism teacher who once told us, “Write about what you know”, well she was right. I have heard this many times since she said it in that high school journalism room. Frankly, I believe ever time you write, no matter what you write, you had better be writing what you know, but I knew what she meant. Down under the layers of college courses, experience at a newspaper desk, and even in a makeshift budding author’s office, I began to peel the layers off actually hunting for the core of my being, and something worth writing about.
   This book is about a man who has a life or death experience. He is very aware he could die during this experience, and because of this, a freaky thing happens, he sees flashes of his entire life which had been hidden from him basically somewhere in the lost files of memory bank. So there he is, fighting for his life, and for the life of others, and he sees his life flash before his eyes.
  I personally know this can happen, and so this book is about one huge episode where a man experiences this phenomenon of man. Have you had such an experience, if so would you like to share a comment? I would like to see what you have to say about this.
  My parents had me at the end of World War II. They both got caught up in the war and my daddy was an Air Force cadet training to be a pilot, but said later they reduced the numbers of those in pilot training when it seemed the war was winding down, so he finished his military service in another capacity. My daddy died in his fifties. Mother died a few years back.  I also had an uncle who served and all of my life have heard many first hand stories about their various adventures. But the main point is, this soldier’s situation and what he remembered in this flash back of memories as he prepared to possibly die in that dangerous mission.
   This is a rather small book, but I feel it is interesting and jam packed with wonderful segments which are of a nostalgic flavor possibly. And there is a romance, which was so similar to many which occurred during that war time.

    So I hope you like this book about a man who was living a simple life before the war started and like many, were called up into a very different life than they ever imagined.