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John Quinlan, often called the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world, was relaxing with his family just before leaving to be part of an NPC Physique competition. Looking back on his career and life, he gave us this rare insight into what makes him the master champion he is in many areas.

Question: You have won many awards and stacked up achievements. What do you feel has made you so successful?

John: Never quitting and never giving up. The road to success is long and hard testing your physical and mental toughness. That phrase “Only the Strong Survive” holds true with me.

Question: When playing baseball in college, did you ever dream then, your life would ever bring you into the success you now have as a physique model, romance cover model, and in the future, a movie actor?

John: No, I did not as these things are different from where I was in my life at that time. But things change overtime and I am glad they did as I have met so many amazing people throughout the journey.

Question: Do you remember emotions before your first photo shoot? How do you prepare for these even today?

John: My first shoot was over 2 decades ago and believe it or not I wasn't nervous as it happened so fast I really didn't have time to be. It was directly after a workout at one of the old World Gym's and this photographer asked me to step aside and stand next to one of the workout machines. He snapped a few photos which ended up in a local fitness catalog which I thought was pretty cool. He threw me $20 for the thirty seconds of my time which I thought was pretty good back then. 

Do you feel your tattoos are symbolic of the complexity of yourself as a man, or do they each have a deep meaning to you?

John: I have to say all of my tattoos each have their own deep meaning. Some I keep to myself and there are others that I open up about. My favorite tattoos are probably the Kanji symbol for Family inside my left wrist and my 3 nautical stars on my forearms all of which represent my 3 children.

Question: What are some of your favorite things?

John: I have to say down deep inside I am just a regular guy who enjoys simple things. Good food, friends and family complete me and everything after that is a bonus. 

Question: Who has most inspired you in life?

John: My grandfather Bill Hafner. I have often said if I could be half the man he was while he was on this Earth I will have succeeded in the game of life. As a boy he gave me confidence and the strength I needed to believe in myself that one day I would be successful. Even at the very end of his life when I was well into my 30's he would still speak so highly of me to everybody around him. It was so special to me one day when I witnessed it. Never forget you grandpa, miss you & love you.

Question: I know you are currently involved in projects to help mankind. Is there a special cause you feel strongly about?

John: They are special to me. The Breast Cancer awareness funds are really amazing and for such a great cause. While I was in New Orleans this past May I worked with Tina DeSalvo help raise money for her 'Friends Fight Together' campaign. Tina is a survivor herself and it was very rewarding for me to help contribute. 

Question: What are your plans for the future?

John: I would like to compete in a few more physique shows in the spring of 2015. I have a few big projects on the table for the spring & early summer as well which I am very optimistic about. In the meantime I am competing this Saturday in Boston on stage at the NPC New England Championships. Today is my birthday and my daughter asked me my birthday wish and I told her it was to be in the Master Physique class. Win, lose or draw I did my best and I can live with that.

John Quinlan at the time of this interview was preparing for his role in the 2014 NPC New England Men's Physique Championships on November 1st.

He has supported such civic efforts as the Holiday Hope Program for children in need.
He is currently a featured model in the November issue of Duemila Magazine of Italy.
He was born in Winchester, Massachusetts, and has appeared as a professional wrestler, fitness model, fashion model, art model, and romance cover model and has also appeared in a wide variety of other publications.
He has been a supplement company image model for Nutrabolics and Athletic Xtreme.
He has been a spokes model for The Elizabeth Grady Company as well as brands of apparel in Japan & Asia.
In 2014 he was the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.
He has appeared as a newly featured cover model at Romantic Times Conventions.



Our Thanks to John for granting us this interview

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