Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Viking Princess: My Thor's Day Viking Reading

The Viking Princess: My Thor's Day Viking Reading: Desperate Dream of a Viking by Anna Patterson Blurb This is the story of a Viking whose life has been one of the utmost danger. He is ...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

By Anna Patterson, Journalist

 According to biographical data, Julie was "born and raised" in Ohio. She has lovingly used this knowledge of rural life in her Sweet Romance Novella BLOOM.

This novel which concerns the quest for fulfillment, from the large cities such as New York, back to the rural country life these people had found their roots and home in. The novella heralded the launch by Turquoise Morning Press of the new Honey Creek line in January of this year. Julie's future writing plans include three novellas for the Seeds of Love Series.

 I like the writer's own explanation of herself. "I'd rather read a book than do almost anything else." But again, it is her own philosophy which explains why her book BLOOM is such a darling of a read. She says, "I started writing because I want to make people smile."

  In the book, Cynthia Potter, comes back to town seeking many things. And she has some problems, serious ones to consider. She also has thoughts about some she had left in Honey Creek, when she left it many years ago.  She is considering all of these issues along the way.

  "She knew she was headed to New York long before she got there." Now the young girl is seeking direction for her life and wonders if the answer to love was in Honey Creek, Ohio, with her first love. But a new man, Mitchell Fallon, a stranger to her, just keeps getting in her way, in more ways than one. Cynthia's life is going to take some twists and turns for sure if "Love is to bloom" for her.

   I would have to give this book five stars. It did indeed make me smile many times, and I got drawn into these people's lives and wanted to see how they turned out. I liked the look of this rural way of life, but also enjoyed the realities of life in general these people were facing.

The Genre: Contemporary Romance. Heat level: Sweet