Sunday, January 27, 2013

Working at Writing Vampires

Working away at Vampire things

Today I have been working to get things in place for my participation in a huge blog hop for February.

This event will be about Vampires and Romance, all tied up into one great experience.

So this month, I am preparing for next month and the blog fun.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share that I have several pages in this blog. These follow the Table of Contents, from Home (the front page) all the way down to the last article, which is concerning slides I have done on various writing subjects. Follow that link and you can see some of these slide shows I have done, and yes, I did do one some time around last Halloween, I think, concerning, Why I Write About Vampires. So follow the link any time you might want to, and we will be going down that road of discovery of Vampires!

and Vampire also