Friday, May 22, 2015


Posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer,   May, 2015

I am a blogger and reviewer. I was privileged to read this book as a professional reviewer on NetGalley.
I would give this book five stars and enjoyed reading it several times due to continual interest in the contents of this book and its historical subject matter seen through the personal viewpoint of a person involved in this time in history.
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I have told friends of how interesting I found this book and suggested they might want to read it.

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This is a Book Review of the book Dustoff 7-3: Saving Lives Under Fire in Afghanistan, written by Erik Sabiston, and published by Warriors Publishing Group. This is a nonfiction book of 173 pages. This is a true War story by a combat veteran of this war.

This soldier flew many missions over war zones while trying to save the wounded soldiers in the field. During this perilous time, he was part of a crew of devoted heroes doing all they could to help those on the ground.
He tells of true events which happened in the battlefields of Afghanistan starting in the Year 2006.
This was indeed a life or death dangerous and violent mission for them all in their Medevac helicopter Blackhawk aircraft.
I enjoyed his way of telling this story so frankly and in a way which made it very real and frank about this situation. Having this personal account to read and keep as a historical link to this episode is surely a great thing to have. The illustrations were excellent also.
This glimpse through the author’s memory will forever linger with the reader as he describes survival efforts to bring wounded from the war zones. Seen clearly are the perils of flying these high risk missions while being shot at by enemy fighters.
Erik Sabiston, a soldier, aviator, and author, is from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia before becoming a rescue helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. The author tells with sensitivity of his time in this area and time known for its deadly violent conflict. He served as a soldier in the dangerous operations of this war in Afghanistan and now teaches aviation in the Army.
Dustoff 7-3 is the story of four heroes flying together in helicopter missions in the harsh mountains in Afghanistan. They are involved as medics in saving seriously wounded warriors which they do to great peril to themselves in the battle grounds of that area. The story revolves around Sabiston’s experiences in this situation as Chief Warrant Officer in a team evacuating casualties as part of the serious numbers during the fighting of that time in the place the veterans called “the Valley of the Death.”
Publication date of this book is May 19, 2015.