Thursday, July 25, 2013

$10 gift card to Amazon given away in drawing of commemorators on this site during this blog

We are having a drawing for a $10 gift card Amazon at end of this Vampire Blog Hop here. Leave a comment to be included for drawing.

Romance Novelist Anna Patterson

To be a Witch is to be a complicated thing. They both knew it. Copper managed to carry on a bit of a double life and his writing helped, it all blended together : Vampire of the Hoar Frost Moon at Amazon

He waited, and heard the shuffling, a sound, almost like laughter, which stood the very hair on the back of his head up straight, and then it really did move and he saw the dark thing stand up, and he gasped, a soft sound, like his heart giving out, like his lungs refusing to breathe. EXCERPT Vampire of the Hoar Frost Moon by Romance Novelist Anna Patterson. Now at AMAZON