Friday, March 13, 2015

Ian Somerhalder has debut as director in The Vampire Diaries Thursday night episode!

Director Ian Somerhalder

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT – Ian Somerhalder’s Directorial Debut was an incredible success in the March 12 televised show on CW of The Vampire Diaries.  It was an incredible show enhanced by the fact that Ian Somerhalder known for his role as the popular Damon Salvatore, was breaking away from the acting and into this new role, as director.
In this, the star breaks the ground made famous by a line of illustrious director geniuses of the past and present. It is a place where only time can tell and will tell how successful such a venture will eventually be. In this episode of The Vampire Diaries the directing sizzled with perfection and taut and exciting promise which could later bring on a dazzle to future work of Somerhalder’s direction.
He joins a history dating back at least eighty six years, many of them reflected in the history of the Academy Awards presentations to sixty-six different directors for their outstanding movie direction expertise. These awards reflect a quest for excellence in Dramatic Direction and in Comedy Direction.  At times these awards singled out one film which brought that director to the attention of the prestigious agency, but at other times, directors were honored for several films. Always the public at large in shows looks for the magic mix of Best Direction and Best Picture, to drive them to the show time and again.
Because of this, directors have found a place in history in the past for notable shows, such as “Grand Hotel” filmed in the 1930s.
Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was a director known as “The Master of Suspense” for his direction of more than fifty feature films in a career which encompassed British films and then those made in Hollywood. He became famous for his talent to hone in on the horror and thriller movies including psychological thrillers. Also he maximized the audience’ attentions by pushing elements of his depiction of violence, murder, and scenes fraught with sexual and romantic elements.
With this directorial debut, Somerhalder has shown that his efforts in directing show great promise in this start of an exciting piece of his future in the arts.
Thursday night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries showed Caroline taking a walk on the wild side. Rather than feel the pent-up emotions boiling inside her since her mother’s recent death, and Stefan’s coldness, she has gone rogue, listening to nobody, caring about nothing. This leads her to a bar incident where she explains to a victim she intends to basically rip out his heart.
Stefan is trying to track her down, hoping to pull her back from this abyss, but she has cleaned out her things from her home and college room and she definitely means business. Bonnie is a very welcome reward for Elena’s worrying state, and yet Bonnie is not allowed to forget that awful place she just left. Unfortunately, she had met a woman in that isolated prison confinement in another place, with Damon finding out to his horror; it could be his mother who had died of consumption many years ago. Bonnie has some loose ends herself, and tries to call Jeremy who is away at art school, and has to leave him a message, she has returned, but he needs to give her time to sort this entire situation out.
Caroline is just bad as only these Vampires know how to be, so she callously in her provocative way explains her sudden eating frenzy as “Guys just taste better.”
She proves she can be cold and hot at the same time throughout this night of frenzied rebirth of the blood craving Vampire she is.
Stefan’s efforts to recover Caroline before she goes any deeper into this emotional roller coaster she is on makes his way to a warehouse dance party which is obviously very wild indeed. Bonnie has to fight off one man’s attention and finds she has to resort to the magic which thankfully she has fully restored. When he tries to charm her with how “hot” she is, she actually burns his hand from her body.
Damon angers Bonnie when he tries to get her to help Kai, the man who mistreated her in that other world with such pain, she gave Damon a taste of this in the only way she could reach him on how much she would not help him and Kai try to go back to the place Damon’s mother might be trapped.
This show was fast paced and yet drew one into the situations which were complicated and yet very real. Caroline finally in what had to be the worst revenge a rejected lover could pull on a man, told Stefan he had one choice, he would have to revert back to the Vampire she wanted him to be, and turn off his humanity. She was willing to have a college premed student operate on Sarah Salvatore, a girl Stefan had watched over and protected for all of Sarah’s life. Within just what appeared to be seconds, with bloody hands and a rib breaking electric saw in the student’s hands,  and a blood curdling screaming Sarah, Stefan went over to his very dark side.
It would seem that no matter what happens in these Vampire’s lives, they can open a door and an audience follows willingly, caught up in the magic of the story and the horror and fear of the wait for the next episode.
Good Job, Great Show, Congratulations to all who participated in this remarkable episode of The Vampire Diaries.