Saturday, September 15, 2012

Owls are fascinating subjects


So many people find Owls fascinating and they have been of intense interest probably throughout time.

A mother and her young

An artist's drawing

A group of owls

Curious always

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have a book out just now about the horror of a haunted house. I thought it was a good idea, began to work on it some years ago, and then got the real desire to write it and did.

Fall is arriving now, and along with fall leaves, around here there are all kinds of pumpkins and things like that which appear on the porches, ours included.

Meanwhile, we love all things fall, and start thinking of hot cocoa in assorted mugs, and late nights of telling stories to each and all. This is a tradition in my family which dates way back. I can remember my Grandma chilling us to the bone as she told us stories which had probably been passed down in her own time. We would sometimes scream with fright and she would of course emphasize a special moment in her story by grabbing us while we screamed. We loved to play hide and seek in her rambling old house and she would come and find us.

So, I thought, why not bring out my own book about Haunted Houses and the thrill (sometimes horror) they can bring to an unwary visitor.

Today, on I have such a story.