Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spending some time reading good books, like this one

THE OFFERING, a novel of 215 pages by Desiree Bombenon, and published by Greenleaf Book Group of Live Oak Book Company. Publication date was August 28, 2012.

This Book Review is posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer,  
I received a copy of this book to read through the Net Galley program in exchange for an honest and unbiased review which I am happy to share now.
 There is something immediately engaging about the couple, Amanda and Jake. She was a business administration professional and met him in the same capacity. They also had something else in common, as he explained it; a basic belief that “spirituality was best kept in your own mind and soul.”
Once married they found their friendship grew even more, but he had a little trouble accepting her special gifts to catch mental glimpses of the future, both good and bad. It was this gift, and their willingness to help out a friend, which interrupted their break they were enjoying in a condo in Hawaii. Confronted with a friend’s heart-felt plea for help finding his missing wife and daughter and a former friend of his they found innocently that this sent the couple into a gripping adventure into terror.
While they found themselves locked into one perilous situation after the other, a girl they sought struggled with survival and agonized over the events which had brought her to this point. The author described this in this way, “She had to figure a way to get her family out of this mess. Carlos was supposed to be her friend.”
Meanwhile a Hawaiian police detective doesn’t know what to make of this couple when they arrive on the scene of his on-going investigation. Nonetheless, he takes them seriously since he knew they had once helped Canadian authorities track leads and finally break a case which had seemed too tough to solve.
I would give this book Four Stars, I did enjoy it, and found the couple and their exploits very enjoyable reading. The villains of the piece were in sharp contrast, rather a surprise, and the book’s descriptions of their lives and outlook was rather a shock of violence compared to the couple’s daring and yet very pleasant situations. Nonetheless, Amanda and Jake had hidden depths of character and abilities which came out as the book progressed. I did enjoy the read, and would have liked the book to be longer. I look forward to reading the next mystery involving this couple.

The book description tells of Jake Bannon and his wife, Amanda, and how their successful careers later gave way to a rescue mission involving something else they showed expertise in: firearms and serious survival skills.

The author, Desiree A. Bombenon, was born in Colombo, Siri Lanka, and has been a successful CEO and certified strategic leader. She is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and has won several industry and leadership awards globally.