Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review

The Secrets to E-book Publishing Success.
(How to Reach More Readers with Your Words
By Mark Coker

This 35,581 word publication is free.
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     This is a detailed, comprehensive book which reveals to writers, authors, publishers, and literary agents, much sought after jewels hidden from most people searching for the answer to this type of success. Thanks to Mark Coker's book, a clear map is lined out showing the twenty-five best practices for writing and publishing.
    Other works by Coker include: Smash words Style guide; Smashwords Book Marketing guide; The 10-minute PR Check list, and Boob Tube.
      Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, has been asked to tell something about this subject many times in conferences and seminars throughout the world. And why not?  Smashwords is the largest distributor of self published e-books in the world.  Embracing 40,000 authors' works which are represented in 100,000 books (and growing), this is an on-going, day to day example of tremendous e-book success.
      The secrets have been gleaned from the best practices of the most commercially successful authors at Smashwords.
     I personally like the common sense, honest, and yet thoughtfully detailed, and very modest valuable advice book this book truly is.
      Many Smashwords authors have landed in the top ten bestseller lists of major e-book retailers. Mark explains in his book, and notes that some also are new New York Times e-book bestsellers.
      I, myself, a novice in all things publishing, nonetheless, applaud this latest effort of Mark Coker to explain these very difficult concepts. I was very excited as I started reading this, realizing, for me it is a jewel which I am very glad I found. I think it is a how-to manual which I will keep easily accessible like I did the style guides I kept on my desk while trying to work my way through the college essay classes of my past.
Thanks Mark Coker for this timely how to book on writing and publishing. Something wonderful shall surely come of this sharing project of yours.

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