Friday, March 2, 2012


Talking about Space and Space Ship exploration

Many people have all sorts of ideas about the endless possibilities beyond the narrow vision which we have on this planet called Earth. I, myself, like to think what if there were worlds and countries and civilizations way beyond our own home and out there somewhere.
So yes, I became a science fiction-fantasy writer.
This month I am sharing something here about two of my books which are currently published through Smashwords.
The Dead End Survival Project, was published in November of last year. It was written by that extraordinary writer's program called the NaNOWriMo. By finishing this 50,000 plus novel in a month, it became one of the winners.
I love this book and wrote it in the contest under the pen name Evangeline Cobalt. I now have a newspaper which runs on the Internet called The Evangeline Cobalt Weekly, but actually this changes content every day.
But the Dead End Survival Project called me away from my favorite hobbies of painting and cooking, and at the end I had a book I love.
I tell the story of Lance Cabot, a man who is leading a team of an old fashioned space ship, the Thunderbolt 5. They plan to try to rescue a woman captured and taken hostage, called a Visionary.
* * * *
WHEN SHADOWS FALL was published in June of last year. Ezecruis is a man of magic and his trip is one of savagery and mystery.

To me the subject of space is always exciting and I invite people to try these two books out this month.
These will be part of the Smashwords
Read an Ebook Week Sale March 4-10.

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  1. Hi, Anna! Stopping by via BTS Book Club on Goodreads. It's great to meet you. Sci-fi/Fantasy writer, eh? That's great. I write romance. What are you reading right now? I just finished The Hunger Games... and now I'm reading Pure for my other group, The Questionable Content Reading Challege of 2012. It's okay. I have to choose a new book for BTS, though.