Thursday, April 26, 2012

A poem for Poem in your Pocket Day, an international day recognizing the value of poetry in daily life


By Anna Patterson

When Day Breaks

The shadows still fall dark
Against the rose patterned hall
The shadows of dreams still flicker
On the mind

When Day Breaks
There is silence still
Until the first car goes by
Signaling tasks to do
For it is morning

What lingering dread
Still duty calls in the fading dew
For me and you:
The Day Breaks.

We would be drawn
To the bed to sleep again
But the shadows give way to sunlight
And duty calls with a harkening
No one can ignore.

I thought I saw something
In a dream or nightmare
A fire breathing dragon
And I held back in fear
Waiting on you with your
Arm and might to save me

So now I am not afraid
My senses gather like soldiers
And Fierceness of what may
What might
Knowing you are there for me
I am so glad, so very glad to see
When Day Breaks
Your lovely face staring out at me.

When Day Breaks


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