Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review of Robyn's Egg

     Moyer Winfield probably couldn't believe what it would take to save his marriage. His wife, Robyn, wanted a baby. Easier said than done in this thriller about a world much like our own, except pumped up several degrees into a zone of futuristic horror. I personally liked Robyn's Egg by Mark Souza. He is a horror writer I found interesting when I read his short story "Road Kill" which appeared in the Anthology 101 Flash.
  But in Robyn's Egg, I got caught up in this loving couple's tremendous struggle to survive and to have a child. Just living was a struggle, much like in modern days, trying to make ends meet; they did not have the money to outright purchase a cloned baby. This was the only way, they were told because of the havocs on their world caused by biological warfare.
   As this couple seeks to enhance their love for each other through trying to live a normal life, they are drawn into a conspiracy of horror.
  I found how they handled these magnified capsules of difficult situations reminding me of an Orson Wells work, captivating, fantasy, and yet so real, it flat gave me chills.

   Anna Patterson

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