Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pie making time

Cooking is something which always is helpful to know

I have been trying to remember how old I was when I first started cooking. I was young, very young. But now, I am glad and I can remember I loved it then. There is something satisfying to preparing something someone wants to eat and since I have written about cooking, well I like sharing also

Here, have a dish of homemade fried pie
If you were at my house, I would offer you a cup of coffee and something I had baked. We might sit down to have a piece of this freshly made caramelized apricot fried pie. And we would talk about cooking and baking. I have shown many people how to cook. It just comes natural to me and we just find ourselves at the stove and I am stirring something up and telling them how I do it. And I love it when they tell me how they do it.

I have a little cookbook out, a two in one special I would call it, since it is two little cookbooks in one. In this economy, I like a bargain and it sure is one.

If you ever want to share a favorite recipe with me just send it over to the Chatter House and I think that would be great.

Meanwhile, I want to say Thanks for Stopping By!

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