Friday, January 24, 2014

Working and Home made Cooking Can Work together!


I have worked outside of the home all of my life, but I was raised old fashioned. I love fast food restaurants and yet, I could not always use them. Many times after a fourteen hour day at work, hard work, I might add, I still had to go to the kitchen and "whip something up".
  It is wonderful to have the luxury of cooking a special meal all day long, and I have many dishes which I just can't make if I don't have that kind of time to do them.

But everyone knows that balancing a job and raising a family,  and cooking and cleaning can be seriously a problem. So along the way of raising children, working my own way through college, helping rebuild cars, volunteering various places, well, like everyone nowadays, there just wasn't enough time at all to do this, but it all had to be done!
  So I learned to many times fix a good meal with limited time. I have meals which take all day to fix, and meals which take ten minutes and a microwave to fix. I have learned to use a crockpot to the point I have used one for years, and bought another. Ovens are a blessing also. So I could go on and on, but won't. I still don't have time to spend on many things. Right now, I need to clean house, put the trash out, and see if the kitchen sink really is frozen due to the arctic cold blast we are suffering in.
  I thought of all this when people asked me to tell them how to cook this or that. They really needed to know, so I began to write things down. That is how the Hard Times Cookbooks were born and continue to be out there today.
  Have you ever worked seven days a week, and seriously thought you couldn't put the family Holiday dinner or Sunday dinner together because you didn't have the time, and you didn't want to stint. I have done this more than once.
  Sometimes a Holiday dinner meant baking for days, sometimes it meant going by the local bakery for four cakes, two pies and doughnuts. Then I would cook a big meatloaf, fresh bread rolls, a huge salad and open a few cans of vegetables. I have farmed. I know my own self fresh vegetables aren't always available, or if they are, I couldn't always afford them, much less have time to cook them. So in a pinch, I would open a can of green beans or other vegetable and spruce it up, maybe with a slice of fully baked ham, cut in pieces and heated in microwave or the stove.

It is not always the most elaborate meal which gets the family's attention, it is how good the food tastes and that you went to the trouble to prepare it. This still works today. Happy cooking. And also buy a manual can opener and food you can prepare even when the electricity goes out in a storm.
Meanwhile, God Bless You all!

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