Thursday, January 29, 2015


I watched The Vampire Diaries January 29 and this is what I saw

 As a Vampire Dairies fan, there were a lot of things which I have seriously hoped for in The Vampire Diaries and it happened. Color it a very satisfying episode with the witches finally coming to the showdown over Witch supremacy and most of all who would merge together as twins so that the stronger would come out and satisfy a rule that on their birthday this had to happen or else the Gemini Witch Coven would end.
For some time now, the Vampires had found themselves becoming more and more involved with these witches and their fight to the death for supremacy.

Tyler found himself more involved then most because he was having a serious relationship, call it love affair which both took seriously with the twin girl. Suddenly Liv and her brother, Luke, did a face off finally with their father who warned them they must go through with the linking or their very evil brother would try to link with his own twin sister, a woman dear to the hearts of her vampire friends. They worried about their friend, a doctor, Jo, because she did not seem to have the magic which she would need to fight her brother who didn’t care who he had to kill to get what he wanted in life. The younger twins’ dilemma was that both of them knew that the girl was weaker than her brother and her brother told their dad he did not want to do this act which everyone knew would kill his sister.

The dad was trying to force the issue but Luke in the end linked with his older brother. This was made possible since Kai had been held in another world for many years and did not age and when he got out, that made the linking possible since he was kept at the same age, and was now the same age as Luke. So they fought each other for the price of saving the coven and also becoming the leader.

At the same time as this duel was being carried to its completion, the Vampires were dealing with Caroline’s mother, Sheriff Forbes, dying of cancer. Caroline resorted to turning her mother into a vampire after trying this out on a dying man at Duke University. She thought it would work, but the first results were a delusion and the man came seeking her out because of his agony and confusion and pain. As he tried to kill himself before her very horrified eyes, Damon in true vampire passion jerked the man’s heart from him and settled this by the man’s death.

Caroline temporarily fled from her dying mother’s hospital bed and with one thing leading to another, Damon came up with a plan, let the dangerous Kai come out of sedation and run free if he would save Caroline’s mother by absorbing the things from her which would lead to her suffering a horrible death and perhaps another horrible life as a vampire with magnified cancer problems.

Kai did do this for them, but in his diabolical way, he turned this into something ugly by causing the poor woman to have a heart attack and flat line due to the severe stress to her system which he had caused.
Efforts of a physician at the hospital failed to save her and she was dreaming of Caroline and even a nightmare of Caroline showing the most horrible vampire side to her. Then Caroline, persuaded by Stefan, acting as a friend, came into the room and her mother fought back into consciousness.
With tears her mother asked Stefan to help Caroline in the future to deal with her own mother’s pending death.

With all efforts to change things failing, Elena and Damon have been trying to arrange time together so that they can see what is left of their own relationship and to fight her amnesia concerning their relationship which she had asked be done some time ago.

Suddenly Elena falls into Damon’s waiting arms wanting him, loving him, kissing him, and telling him that she does see that life can be short and is not to be wasted.
Somewhere out in a dark and windy place, Jo finds her younger brother with her twin brother, both passed out from the strain of their struggle. As she cradles the younger brother, the ruthless Kai wakes up, confronts her and vanishes.

This was an exciting episode of The Vampire Diaries and I look forward to future episodes as the vampires share their complex relationships and do battle with future villains and apparently one of them will definitely be the formidable Kai made even more magically powerful by linking with his brother’s magic.

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