Wednesday, February 11, 2015


IN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Television Episode January 5, this is what I saw:
One of the most serious issues in the world, the act of suicide, was dealt with during this television show in Season 7.
Bonnie had suffered so much for an extended length of time. Cut off in a world beyond death, she was tormented by a world which daily reminded her of her life, which try as she might, she could not get back to. She had helped her friends who had come to this place escape it, but she had even sacrificed her chance at doing this to help them get out of this terrible prison.
She had even helped a very evil young man escape it. It was after all a prison for this powerful man, Kai, feared by even his own family and witches coven. Should he get out, it would mean life or death for his group, and he got out.
Because Kai got out, he began immediately a fight to the death, started in a challenge long ago between twins, now involving a second set of twins, Luke and Liv, who had become part of the strange and mysterious lives of the Vampires of Mystic Falls.
As the Vampires grieved over Bonnie, this sadness became more poignant when they were reminded of Bonnie’s birthday.
This girl had enriched their lives and brought joy to each of them, and Jeremy, Elena’s brother, had grown to love her.
Caroline, learning the depths of grief through her mother’s noncurable illness, was trying to hold onto Bonnie in some way, and looking back at their friendship. Trying in some way to believe in a future with Bonnie back with them, she recalls a childish thing Caroline did, when she buried Bonnie’s plush bear in the woods leaving a trail to it. Bonnie had never found it. Trying in any way to make amends, Caroline goes out, looks for signs of where long ago she buried her friend’s keepsake, and Stefan follows her out there.
Time and again, Stefan had rebuffed Caroline when she most needed him and felt she could count on him. Now her mother on what could be her very death bed, appeals to Stefan to look at her daughter again as someone who needs him. Her mother is wise about this, and with her pleas, managed to cut through Stefan’s heart which could be very cold.
Caroline is openly grieving, this care-free optimist does find the fact is, the thought of losing her mother is breaking Caroline’s heart.
Stefan a man who is unreadable is not untouchable, and he follows her out for the search of past happiness and past innocence. She finds Bonnie’s toy and it has been damaged. Nonetheless, the spark of hope glimmers for them both, and Bonnie takes the childish toy and cleans and mends it herself.
Stefan is drawn into her grief and he shares it and brings comfort and a shoulder to cry on.
Meanwhile, in hopes of checking on Bonnie, an unlikely witch uses his power to send them back in some way to see their lost friend. Kai uses his strength to the max and obviously suffers pain and begins to bleed with these efforts.
To everyone’s horror, Bonnie is in the act of committing suicide. Giving up on ever escaping back to her life, she does many things showing she means business. Seeing this, nonetheless the hold between the world she is in and their own is brief. Jeremy goes back alone, sees her in the final plans and literally sees her go into the garage, start the car allowing the exhaust fumes to rob the garage of air. Desperately, Jeremy in horror tries to reach her and through some force, he pushes the automatic door which opens. It is good he did that, because Bonnie was coming to her senses and fighting to live.
This show was a buffet table of delights for Vampire fans including:
Enzo’s plan of evil towards revenge against Stefan with an elaborate plan of conquest of a relative of the Salvatore’s, Sarah; also Bonnie finding the secret clue to gaining her magic back and escaping her solitary prison; the murderous Kai having a split personality type situation since bonding with his good twin, Luke, and last, but not least, proving love can prevail, Damon and Elena’s romance, rekindling in a splendid way.

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