Monday, March 23, 2015


I once was asked to be one of the judges of an outdoor barbecue cooking contest. Well, I love homemade barbecue, so I said okay. I still remember the wonderful barbecue recipes these contestants came up with.
I believe cooking is not only a necessity, but also can be an art. My own life has taught me that. Cooking barbecue and things like that can be something many people can enjoy, especially now that Spring is officially here.
I got to thinking about making some barbecue myself, so I got out my Crock Pot where it has been resting apparently or hiding because I was using the stove all Winter.
I cooked a small pork roast today in the Crock Pot and then took it up and put it cooled into baggies to save to make sandwiches later.
I also will make a sauce later.
I am the kind of person who likes to have more than one project going at a time, so I am Spring House Cleaning, taking the things (a type of plastic) off of my rose bush and cactus outside so that they can benefit from the Spring rains which are forecast, and of course, here I am on the Internet.
I can get real busy, so my Crock Pot does the cooking for me, but I can have bragging rights for cooking the meal.
It got me to thinking about my Hard Times Crock Pot Book which is published on Amazon in Kindle and also in Paperback.
So I went and looked it over again and was glad to see that I have explained how to cook many types of meats in that book. Cooking a tender, lean piece of meat can sure help a busy person prepare any size meal – later.
So since this still works for me, I thought I would share this Spring note from me on what I am actually doing right now, today, and also suggest something which might be of benefit to others who love meals like this.

Anna Patterson

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