Wednesday, June 10, 2015


From The Project Gutenberg Ebook of The Nursery, November of 1875, In The Garden

Well, here I get thyme, sage, and mint, Sweet marjoram and savory;(Cook says they always give a hint Of summer, rich and flavory);
Here's caraway—take, if you will:
Fennel and
 Coriander Hang over beds of daffodil,

And myrtles close meander.
What's next to come, one may not know—But then I like surprises:
Just here, where tender roses blow,
A tiger-lily rises. Here cock's-comb flaunts,
And columbine
Stands shaded by sweetbrier,
And marigolds and poppies shine
Like beds of glowing fire.
A group of honest sunflowers tall

Keep sentry in yon corner;

IT'S SUMMERTIME, I remember fondly many walks in my own Grandmother's garden, a favorite place to work and play.

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