Monday, July 18, 2016


WE are having a Heat Wave and just trying to stay cool in what I consider monstrous weather conditions.
My mother and daddy, many years ago, had a solution which I still cherish as a memory:
We would just go to the movies.
Every Saturday we went to the movie, walked down town, ate at the local Dime Store, usually a cold sandwich, bacon and tomato, or sliced cold cut with chips and a pickle.
Then we walked over to the Movie Theater, an elaborate and wonderful scene, with velvet seats, crimson curtains which hid the screen, and mock gold trim and rather lavish all around the room. We talked in hushed tones until the movie started.
The movie did not start without all sorts of short films and things like that.
Saturday could mean a series of Western films.
Going to the movie was what we considered an all-day affair, but we would be home by early afternoon.
I REMEMBER Once, when my dad, a fan of Actor John Wayne, actually drove us to a place where one of that famous actor’s movies had been shot. I think the movie was Stage Coach, but I’m not sure.

So in a total admission to loving Westerns to this day, I started writing books with a Western flare or even a theme. If you are having a Heat Wave or just a rather long Summer with not much to do, I suggest you might follow me back to nostalgic themes which continue to delight.

John Wayne

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