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Posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer, January of 2017.

I am a blogger and reviewer. I was privileged to read this book as a professional reviewer on NetGalley.

I would give this book Five Stars because this is a story of war and life after serving in a war. Many soldiers suffer for some time after their stint in battle. This is a book of one man’s journey on this difficult road. It deals with his memories and the horror of warfare, and also dealing with an illness called PTSD. This book is timely and I would suggest it as a must read because of its explanation of those who fight and overcome it all.

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I have told friends of how interesting I found this book and suggested they might want to read it.

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This is a Book Review of the book BLACK KNIGHTS, DARK DAYS: The True Story of Sadr City’s Black Sunday. It was written by J. Matthew Fisk, and published by Warriors Publishing Group. This is a nonfiction book of 245 pages. This is a War story by a combat veteran of this war.

In the beginning of this tale, the soldier/turned writer says simply: “Someone had to get it right. Someone who had actually pulled a trigger should tell this tale. Why not me?”

So, this is the story. It’s a story about the Task Force Lancer, Operation Iraq: Freedom II. Dig deeper into this true combat story and you have what really happened April 4, 2004 when a First Cavalry Platoon suffered an ambush in Sadr City. Matt Fisk, left with PTSD, remembers what was later dubbed the Black Sunday Ambush of Sadr City.

He told of one soldier, who would have been celebrating a wedding anniversary. Now he was in the middle of an ambush and trying to protect everyone he could from the attack on their group. In that heavy fight the author explains the reality of the soldier who although in grave danger, ran in a somewhat reckless foot race to recover a machine gun he had left back in their stalled vehicle.

Later as the fight continued in the packed city area, he described how one soldier saw his situation at that point. He remembered it in this way: “They had lost two vehicles, probably one Soldier, and were cut off from escape by a force that outnumbered them about five hundred to one in that heavily populated city.”

This is the story of a man who transformed from teacher in a small school to soldier fighting in combat duty in two war torn countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also the story of how very hard it was to come back from the violence of this situation. This was a real and total part of his life for some time. Leaving it physically and returning to the life of a civilian was one thing, but the brutal challenge of recovering from those scenes and those painful moments and memories, well that is something again.

This soldier and writer has been diagnosed with a PTSD disorder. This is a Post-traumatic stress disorder and can derive from living through a traumatic event including that occurring in war.

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Matt Fisk of Arkansas, began his service in the Army in 1997. For eight years, he was in infantry and then for eight more years he served as an officer. He also has a degree in Criminal Justice.
The writer now enjoys life on a self-sufficient homestead.


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