Saturday, March 25, 2017


It is just a personal thing with me, but I have loved gardening all of my life.
Many years ago, a garden meant planting on a very large scale, vegetables, and all things we needed for canning.
Now, gardening means looking over the flowers planted for years and which grow here and there in tight spaces in the yard.
I cannot pass any display at the grocery store which has fresh flowers or fresh vegetables displayed there even today.
But sooner or later, one has to make decisions of what to spend a lot of time on and what to not spend so much on. The gardens got smaller as the desire to write books got bigger.
Every year, I look so forward to this blog party created by a dear writer friend. She knows a lot about writing AND about gardening, so hence we get to have this blog party which is kind of like a garden party also since I can give a good look at the flowers and flowering trees outside and see how they have made it through this Winter. It has been a mild winter here, so the cactus has not lost even inches, and the flowering trees still bloomed.
I am interested now in these little miniature gardens, sometimes in small containers in the house. I am enjoying studying examples of these I find on the Internet.
I have a few pots and old cups in the house which have their own plants growing there. I am not very good at indoor cactus and have to hold off watering them and even get suggestions from friends and family on how to water these without drowning them.
Right now, I am enjoying reading the work of others and so like to look over the list of authors participating in this blog and pick out a Summer Reading List. I suggest you do so.
I am also currently reading a book furnished by The Project Gutenberg, published first in 1898 called “Elizabeth and Her German Garden”: by Elizabeth Marie Annette Beauchamp
I would also like to turn your attention to a new book, a short read, because we are all so busy it seems as the weather gets warmer, and my new book is a G. I. Joe Kindle Worlds book, “G. I. Joe: Busted Star Commander”. This book features a female villain famous in the G. I. Joe series written works since the 1970s. I so appreciate the publication of this book and since I love dolls, I thought it exciting that there are dolls of the character The Baroness and have been for many years. I do invite you to look for my own short read at Amazon Kindle Worlds, Teen and Young Adult now.

Meanwhile, SWEETPEA’s CHATTERHOUSE is going to have a drawing for a Ten Dollar gift certificate from Amazon in a drawing at the end of our blog and be sure to go over and register for the other prizes all along this wonderful blog event! Leave a comment with us to get your name in the hat for the drawing. Wait until event starts Monday please!


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