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Was that Damon making pancakes with “smiley faces” on it for Bonnie in the Season Opener? It turns out; it is basically all he can cook. But the next week showed off some of his brother Stefan’s chef skills and there were many other eye opening moments of surprise when I anxiously turned in to the first shows of the season of The Vampire Diaries.
 On the second week of the new season things began to get rather deep and very scary as a descendant of the Mystic Falls Founding Fathers shows a violent side which was very  déjà vu of earlier woes these people brought to the Vampires of this small fictional town in Virginia.
The Vampires are separated actually, with Damon and Bonnie lost in a place beyond their own death and the people who love them and would do anything to get them back are caught between trying to go on with some kind of life, and doing everything in their power to bring the two back.
This world the two are stuck in has layers of mystery which they are instantly caught up in. Meanwhile, Elena goes through the most turmoil it would seem in ways and finally in desperation enlists the help of a former teacher, Alaric, in hopes of banishing the tie of memories which holds her to Damon forever. To do this, Alaric helps her seek back to poignant moments in the relationship of Damon and Elena, and she does this with rare and beautiful glimpses of the past dating back to her own high school days.
Meanwhile life is not the same in Mystic Falls; in fact the vampires are kept out by a witches spell. Caroline has dropped out of college and Elena announced her plans to become a doctor. But first things first, with Damon and Bonnie on everybody’s mind, Caroline and Enzo decide to go and seek Stefan only to find him with a new girl friend, a new home, a new job (as a mechanic), and yet, they all are driven to find the whereabouts of Damon and Bonnie. In his own violent and unique way, Enzo tries to reinforce his desire to make Stefan miserable if he doesn’t try to find his brother.
I enjoyed the first two episodes of this season’s The Vampire Diaries because it captured some of the familiar threads of the past shows and promised a new slant of intrigue and adventure and even the Vampire power and magic which the cast of The Vampire Diaries can weave into quite an interesting tale.
 -- Review of The Vampire Diaries Series Opener Shows by Anna Patterson

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