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I was totally freaked out this week watching The Vampire Diaries when Elena walked over to an older type rope swing during a swimming party which she had initiated, and swung out and did a flip into the water and jumped. She is always a surprisingly complex person and I did not see this coming.
Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie are stuck on the other side of life, which is growing more and more curious to them as well as the audience for this season’s The Vampire Diaries television show. It would seem that things stay much the same, although they are in an empty town, Mystic Falls, and very much alone together, and judging by the friction between them, they are both very much anxious to escape all of this forced confinement. They become disturbed though, when they find signs of someone else being there!
 They were right to not trust any of this, since almost immediately when Damon discovered a man who has hidden from them for some time, now violently attacks Damon in a set up for a kill, with liquor bottles laced with a toxic poison which he manages to cover Damon with.
Bonnie, frustrated and afraid, finds her magic returning just in time, but the new stranger is a complex person in his own right. They don’t know whether or not to trust his complicated story meant to gain their trust which he had brutally lost.
Meanwhile Elena in efforts to overcome a constant state of total grief over the loss of Damon has asked a powerful friend to help her forget all of her memories of loving Damon. This could be working, since she has the swimming party and seems to be enjoying it as she finds interest in a man, Liam, and is actually drawn into a brief kiss with the man she has invited to be a possible future love interest for her friend, Caroline.
 But Caroline’s grief for Stefan is severe and could be helped or hindered when Stefan arrives on the scene. He is caught up with revenge and wants Enzo to pay for the murder of Stefan’s present love interest. Things take a violent turn then, and one is suddenly aware that these are Vampires; they have the instinct and the power they have earned the hard way, by walking on the wild side of the Vampire life.
So suddenly, it is serious and deadly, intriguing and begins to weave its dark and mysterious way into the shadows of this world.
To me this week’s show could be described with one word, “Passion.” It is an incredible thing to see these characters come alive in this way, and it does show their passion, longing to be normal, dedicated to their friends, wanting to “live” life to the fullest, and they are thoroughly dedicated to this purpose in this show.

-- Review of The Vampire Diaries Series Show by Anna Patterson

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