Monday, November 24, 2014



Today I found myself heating up the oven, making a quick pan of yeast rolls with a few crushed pecans at the bottom of half of them as a sweet surprise.
Then I put on a simple meatloaf with a scattering of whole onions in the shell and then a few white potatoes to bake.

As this all bakes and the smell of it penetrates throughout the house thanks also in part to the natural sage dried and added for flavor, it begins to smell a little like the holidays.

I can be busy somewhere else, doing something else. I have always had to do things like that. Nowadays they call it multi-tasking or something like that.

I not only like the idea, I have always embraced it without knowing it.

So this week, I have my new cookbook out on amazon, and I am in a baking mood and don't know when this will stop for now and I can go on to something else.

Meanwhile, the kitchen will smell good, my writing with have the love of cooking and baking mixed liberally in it and I look forward to the holidays which enhance this desire to cook and bake. Happy Holidays to All!

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