Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Depression Cooking Lessons and Now



There was a time which these canning jars date back from, when there was a war, in fact a World War going on. If you look closely at the picture, you will see vintage screw on earrings of planes which were flown during World War II.

These earrings were a gift from a pilot to his wife in a parting present and a reminder of his love and also of his duty to his country. He would be flying one of these planes into battle.
How hard that moment of parting surely was for the both of them. She would stay busy herself because times were hard before that war and hard during that war. So she would do everything she could herself for their children as well as herself.
Many women went to work, but also there were gardens planted, some would call these “Victory Gardens.” These gardens were a big help during food rationing and shortages.
Another thing which was done in the home was canning and preserving. It just was such a part of life then, and many people continue these wise and money saving ways today, when they can.
It was a time, definitely, when everyone worked hard, had severe stress, and had to make do with very little sometimes.
  I have written several books which I hope people have found useful because the books reflect lessons I learned and practices I continue even today.
This month, November 22, I have a new cookbook out – Hard Times Frugal Desserts; A Back to Basics Cookbook.

This is the last I have about The Great Depression Cooking. This book is obviously about making dessert, from pies, to cakes, and everything in between. I just thought it would be a good addition to the cookbooks which I have written which have gone before it.

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