Saturday, November 8, 2014

Memories during the Holidays . . .


It is hard for me to decorate, much less appreciate the changing of the seasons,
I have somehow forgotten all of my reasons.

One could say, “Hey, it is because of all that grief, many loved ones from that year has now past,
Their empty seats and silent voices testify to all good things just don’t last.

I can’t go on, without that special smile, the confidence and the joy they brought,
All of this and more,
Somehow life ends and then someone shuts an irreversible door,

So what is left?
The fall leaves fell without them,
And the rains came and the people walked by,
But everything seemed a little different,
They meant so much to daily life and daily life must go on,
But the Holidays, what of them?

So there are empty places, and everything seems suddenly tedious and dull, without them.

I always thought they meant so much, but the depth of it, won’t settle down, it just gets deeper.

Nonetheless, it is coming, that is for sure, the Holiday Splendor, we used to share,
Why should I care?

Something in me didn’t know,
Loss would be so totally devastating until it was clutching at my heart
And wouldn’t let go,
I am writing this,
Maybe others know,
How to go on into the Holidays,
When their heart is frozen with snow.

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