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I watched The Vampire Diaries Thursday night –
This is what I think about it:

The Vampire Diaries displays a fast paced story of excellence

I watched The Vampire Diaries show October 30 and found it a bounty of intrigue. The action has moved from just at the edge of Mystic Falls where the supernatural haven has been for some time. This is a Whitmore College festivities night for Elena and her friends and she has planned a night of fun for all of them. She wants a change from the heartache which has been a part of all of their lives for some time now.  Unfortunately, Damon and Bonnie have no part in her Earthly plans for fun since they are still caught in some kind of limbo after death experience.
Elena can be pretty persuasive as she urges everyone to join her party as she valiantly tries to carry on.
Elena is just sort of numb, made so by the talent of a friend. He seeks to make her forget her intense and very passionate love of Damon and she is hypnotized or compelled to forget her true relationship with Damon and this intense love, it has been a real effort for her, and finally she was able to do this.
 Because of this, she seems to have a new romance in her life, a totally opposite type of guy than Damon. For one thing he is NOT a vampire and rather than drink people’s blood, he is studying to be a doctor and wants to save lives. In this new phase of her life, Elena wants to become a doctor also and finds this hero aspect of her new attractive single male intriguing.
Meanwhile Damon and Bonnie are trying to get back into life, something they feel they can do, if Bonnie’s magic will return full strength. An unsavory character has shown up in their strange setting and he offers to help them with his own knowledge, but seems to be bent on actually causing them terrible pain. They have a sense of urgency since the spell must coincide with the Gemini Constellation enlightenment leading to a portal between the strange world they are in, and the real Earthly world they want to return to. It also includes a disk which Bonnie can hold in her hand while doing the spell utilizing this magic tool.
But after all, it is Halloween, and Elena invites her friends from Whitmore College to a Corn Maze Party. Among these is the guy she has kissed since Damon’s death, not many months in the past, and she only remembers Damon as a rather awful person who has nothing to his credit. Their celebration is interrupted by a terrible car crash, and many bloody injured people. When Elena secretly helps one of them with her own Vampire blood, this is obviously going to bring problems later on.
Meanwhile, Stefan has had problems breaking with the past, but in some ways has tried. He did have a girl friend, but in an earlier episode, Enzo killed her. Stefan immediately got revenge, but Enzo rather than killing her, had turned the girl. Now Stefan, trying to cope with many serious issues at once, asks Caroline to help the girl learn a thing or two about being a vampire. Caroline is not totally willing to do this, but agrees to try, only to have the new vampire wrench her neck and escape. The new vampire has found she likes her new powers and is very thirsty. She is a problem for sure now!
Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie worked to return to their normal lives. Bonnie has realized her grandmother might have sent them to this place as an alternative to letting them totally die. This would be a place they could stay for a while, and then Bonnie would be able to take them back to their own lives. Now Kai, the very evil man trapped with them, promises he knows the spell for Bonnie to use, but once again he shows he is just up to no good, for he shoots Bonnie with a crossbow wounding her severely. She in one last bid for good left in her weakening body throws the magic and ornate piece in her hand to Damon and says the magic he needs. So she has sacrificed totally for his escape leaving her to deal with the angry and deadly Kai who would be more than angry at this turn of events.

As for Damon he returns to his own Earthly reality arriving in the family crypt. There he finds his loyal brother Stefan grieving for his lost family. Stefan can not believe his own eyes, so he touches his brother softly. IT begins again, all of it, their long life together, their journey not yet done, their awareness of the compelling strength of their combined destiny.

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